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Agentless, auto-discover behavior driven monitoring and control system.

  'name': 'exim',
  'alarm': 600,
  'warning': 500,
  'exported': true,
  'cmd': 'exim -bpc',
  'reactive': 'exim -bpru | awk {\'print $3\'} | xargs exim -Mrm 2> /dev/null',
  'verifier': 'if which exim >/dev/null;then echo yes;else echo no; fi;',
  'inverted': false,
  'zero': false
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  • git clone
  • npm install
  • Ajust conf/*.js files according to your needs (read documentation).
  • node main.js
  • Daemonize Node.js.

What it is

  • The idea behind Outkept was to build a tool that could auto-discover your cluster profile and simultaneously start monitoring and controlling each node it finds.

  • If you have a heterogeneous cluster constantly changing, Outkept allows you to easily automate control behavior and cluster monitoring.
  • There is no hardcoded behavior, instead it features a user defined pool of available sensors and stabilization/reactive action for each sensor.

  • When it finds a new server in one of the monitorized subnets, it looks for supported sensors by running a verifier command that each sensor has (ex. mysql exists? in a mysql thread number sensors).